Week 2: Living with Intention

An Introduction to Living with Intention

Watch the quick video below as an introduction to the concept of Living with Intention.

You may want your journal and pen handy to take a few notes!

Week 2 Workbook


Now that you’ve had a chance to soak in the main message for the week, it’s time to get to work!

Click the button below to download your PDF workbook. This includes some exercises to heighten your awareness and empower you to begin Living with Intention and embodying the magic of unconditional Self-Love!

You can print out the workbook and write on the paper itself, type up your answers, or write your answers in your journal.

There will also be some exercises that specifically call for use of a journal in the workbooks.

Please also feel free to share your experience with the exercises in the Sisterhood Facebook group! We are all here on this same journey supporting each other and uplifting each other, so don’t be shy.

Mantra Art


Here is your inspiring Mantra Artwork to keep you focused on this week’s theme and message.

Feel free to save it, print it out, use it as your phone wallpaper, or share it on social media however you wish, tagging myself @graciebalev and using the hashtag #selflovesessions!

The Sisterhood


This is your official challenge to SHARE your biggest takeaway from this week’s video module and workbook in the Self Love Sisterhood private Facebook group!

Remember: this is a sacred and safe space where it is not only safe but HEALING to share our experience with each other!

We are here to support and uplift one another, because it really is true; TOGETHER, WE RISE!

LIVE Self Love Session


The second SELF LOVE SESSION live call was a juicy one!

Thank you to the ladies who joined and shared their truth, and thank you to the beauties watching the replay and soaking up the inspiration! This will remain available here on your portal for the duration of the program… ENJOY!

Life Unleashed Seminar: LIVE Talk Audio


This LIVE audio recording of a talk I delivered at the recent Life Unleashed self-empowerment seminar explores the notions of embodiment and intentionality in regards to limitless living.

I share my personal journey and how I CHOSE to heal and empower myself, holistically, and guide you to step into your own personal power.

Download the audio and listen whenever you feel the need for a little motivation.

Feel free to share your experience with it on the Sisterhood Facebook page!


Exclusive Workshop Footage:

Embodying Love Energies

Watch the quick video below to witness the embodiment of love energy in ACTION! This is YOUR innate and infinite POWER!

You may want your journal and pen handy to take a few notes!

Exclusive Workshop Footage:

Choosing the Intention of LOVE

This workshop snippet is here to remind you of the power of CHOICE that you always possess –

the power of CHOOSING the intention of LOVE!

You may want your journal and pen handy to take a few notes!