The Empowered Empath



Embrace your Sensitivity as your Superpower

in this 12-Week Energy Training journey with Gracie!

  • Week 1: Everything is Energy Cultivate a comprehension of Consciousness itself through a concise exploration of the Laws of the Universe, Unified Field theory, and principles of Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Week 2: Sensational Sensitivity Dive into what it means to be an Empath today through Effective Emotional Embodiment, and reframing and redefining sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness to shift and lift your experience of your soul’s softness as a superpower, as a blessing, a strength, a gift
  • Week 3: Being Blueprint Apply modalities of Aurology, Astrology, Human Design and Soul Blueprints to explore and effectively express your unique constitution as an Energy Being
  • Week 4: Transforming Trauma Learn to identify and transmute traumas and purge their embedded energy systems from your field, life, and ancestral lineage
  • Week 5: Radical Relationships Revolutionise your relationships with all people and things through the development of mutually empowering dynamism
  • Week 6: Beautiful Boundaries Practice precision in amplifying the abundance of love in your Radical Relationships with a more in-depth and up-close exploration of bold boundaries
  • Week 7: Divine Direction Appreciate yourself as a conduit for Source consciousness through the development & refinement of intuitive and channelling abilities
  • Week 8: Conscious Clarity Discover the arts and sciences behind keeping your energy field as light and clear as humanly possible
  • Week 9: Powerful Protection Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your life from negatively charged energies and learn why and how sensitive does not need to mean susceptible
  • Week 10: Spiritual Skillset Explore varied spiritual tools and practices to discover where your specific skills, gifts and preferences lie
  • Week 11: Mastering Manifestation Learn to laser-focus your newfound energetic efficiency into consciously co-creating with the Universe
  • Week 12: Powered by Purpose Know, without a shadow of a single doubt, and with light of every certainty, WHY your soul chose THIS life, and set yourself up to execute this most ecstatic expression of your essence in our world that so desperately needs YOU – Empowered Empath


Enrollment Open for 27th September 2021 Kick-Off!