Self Love Sessions

The ULTIMATE, LIFE-CHANGING, HOLISTIC, LIVE Self-Love Workshop Experience WILL be touring again in 2020!!!

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    I’m combining my expertise as a Coach, Healer and Speaker to guide you through interactive and experiential tools and teachings to elevate Mind, Body and Spirit during an immersive workshop experience GUARANTEED to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!

    Transform limiting thought patterns and belief systems

    Release negative emotions and trauma

    Engage in open and interactive mentoring sessions with likeminded souls

    Learn how to develop and increase permanent mental resilience


    Connect with your body like never before

    Discover the root cause of body image blocks

    Understand physical healing from a holistic perspective

    Heal your relationship with food and your body

    Learn how to embody your highest life experience


    Explore your spiritual essence and access infinite abundance as the creator of your own reality

    Discover new and engaging ways to meditate and align your energy

    Learn how to cultivate your own spiritual practice

    Receive Master level group Reiki healings by yours truly!


    Through the workshop, I get RAW and REAL with you about my own struggles with self-hatred, eating disorders, physical and sexual abuse, and life-threatening illness, to the freedom of unconditional self-LOVE, offering up the precise holistic healing tools that carried me through to health and happiness, so that you, too, can feel empowered to transform your own life.

    It’s time to live by holistic healing principles that FILL YOUR CUP, keep it full, and allow you to GIVE generously and authentically, from that divine overflow. Get ready to gain new insight into your behaviours, transform your inner belief systems, feel grounded and nourished in the skin you’re in, own your authentic power, and LOVE your Self, UNCONDITIONALLY!

    We will be meditating, journalling, sharing stories, exploring holistic self-healing techniques, diving into experiential learning exercises, receiving a group Reiki healing session by yours truly, experiencing group EFT (tapping), learning new and powerful tools for intentional self-care, transforming our deepest fears into our highest love, hugging and dancing it out and vibing HIGH, together!


    (which I do NOT offer ANYWHERE ELSE, yours with your ticket purchase)

    $100 Voucher for lifelong access to my Self Love Sessions Online Program

    The Opportunity to Experience a 1-on-1 Home Healing as I stopover in your town/city

    THIS. IS. IT.

    The day that catapults your life to whole new level of LOVE. The day you will never forget.

    Why not also bring some besties along to share the experience with?

    GET READY to truly, madly, deeply LOVE your life and Self, gorgeous!

    Life will never be the same.

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      Here’s what previous attendees have to say about my workshops:

      Thank you so much Gracie! I left today with so much love and happiness filling every cell in my body. You are truly beautiful and inspiring and I can’t wait for your next workshop. I’ll be the first to buy tickets, that’s for sure! – Whittney

      You’ve taught me so much, offered huge amounts of advice and I really feel like I’ve fallen in LOVE with myself since your workshop. Thank you so much again! – Lottie

      Gracie’s workshop was like a big warm hug! Learning to love ourselves in such a beautiful warming space, connecting with amazing women and opening up without a single judgement was such a great experience! – Lauren

      Thank you for changing my life girl, I’ll never be the same, and I’ll now always be free. Keep spreading that motherhecking special energy you’ve got inside of you with others, you’re a gift and a saviour. I’m so happy to be alive. – Lucy

      I just cannot thank you enough for today. Your spirit, energy and your healing power is something so incredible that should be treasured and nurtured. I have immense gratitude for you and the event you held. With help from you I was able to deep dive into my soul. Thank you so much again. I will 100% be coming to more of your events! – Alicia

      Everyone needs to attend this workshop. The fire that it has ignited inside me is powered by love. I met two new soul sisters as well, just icing on a very soulful afternoon. – Charlie

      What an incredible experience! I will be back to be enlightened by love and light with the joyful Gracie again! – Alicia

      Gracie helped me lift so much emotional baggage I didn’t realise I was holding. All the negative questions I asked myself, disappeared. I am loved endlessly by myself.If you’re thinking about Gracie’s workshops, I encourage you to attend at least one. Open your mind and heart. I promise you will walk out a different person. – Taylor

      With Gracie’s guidance I was able to uncover something I hadn’t realised was holding me back, it was a huge release and I walked away feeling light and free! Each workshop has left me with more tools and knowledge enabling me to step further into my journey of self-empowerment and love. – Whitney


      What do I wear?

      Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! We will be sitting on the floor with cushions, with plenty of opportunities to stand, stretch, and dance, so an outfit you can move around in will be most comfy.

      What do I bring?

      All you will need to fully participate is a journal or notebook and pen!

      Am I allowed to take photos?

      OF COURSE! Photography and documenting of any kind is welcome. Social media sharing is encouraged! Please feel free to follow me at @graciebalev on Instagram and share the LOVE!

      How do I get to my venue?

      Directions and parking details will be confirmed with your ticket purchase.

      What if I have other questions?

      Feel free to email me: