This Winter, Gracie is delivering her signature Self Love Sessions workshop experience to cities across Aus and NZ like never before!

This 2021 Self Love Sessions Winter Tour sees Sessions held in a private luxury venues (exact locations disclosed exclusively to ticket holders days prior to event) nearby host cities, where the options of an overnight package (hello, sisterhood slumber party!) AND on-site 1:1 Quantum Healing Sessions (which Gracie no longer offers in person, outside of her programs) are available.

Hello, Sister!

Self Love Sessions is my signature live workshop experience, and it is the REAL HEAL for women like your divine self who are ready to claim their power and (FINALLY) love themselves, beyond all conditions.

Full disclosure: I do NOT hold back when I facilitate these Sessions. I give you all the love I’ve got. So we can arise all the love in you.

And my journey? It’s seen me transform traumas that have almost cost me my life, many times, in many ways, to emerge undeniably embodied in the unlimited, unconditional LOVVVE for my goddess Self and aligned life I exude today. These lived experiences and integrated wisdoms are offered to you as a very real and raw energetic learning landscape during these Sessions.

Sister: It’s time to shed the shackles of shame and embrace your true essence. This is where you reveal and RECEIVE YOURSELF, in entirety. Likely for the very first time.

As your soul is likely sensing; the activations of this experience, shared in the sanctity of sisterhood, will immeasurably evolve you, and every facet of your life will elevate in response. It’s officially a Glow Up.

It’s your time.

Gracie xx


Each Self Love Session is an interactive group mentoring immersion offering self-empowerment tools, experiential energy healing, and integration exercises guaranteed to transform you from the inside, out – and all within the sanctity of intentional sisterhood. The following breakthroughs are facilitated:


Transform limiting thought patterns and belief systems

Expand your awareness and elevate your consciousness

Connect with and be held by like-minded, like-hearted souls

Alleviate anxiety and fortify your mental resilience


Discover & resolve the root causes of body image blocks

Heal your relationship with food and your body

Somatically release emotional blocks and suppressed trauma

Learn how to deeply embody and integrate your learnings


Explore energetics and embrace your spiritual essence

Discover new meditation and energy alignment techniques

Amplify your intuition as one of your superpowers

Learn how to cultivate your own spiritual practice

Master-level group Reiki Healing & Quantum Energy Clearing by Gracie


Upgrade your workshop ticket for a truly unforgettable Self Love Experience:

Slumber Package Add-On (stay overnight in our luxury workshop location, incl. dinner – very limited spaces)

1:1 In-Person Quantum Healing & Psychic Reading w/Gracie (very limited spaces)


The day that catapults your life to whole new level of LOVE.

The day you will never forget. Why not also bring some besties along to share the experience with?

GET READY to truly, madly, deeply LOVE your life and Self! Life will never be the same.


Here’s what other Queens have to say about Self Love Sessions…

Gracie is a genuine delight. She shares from her depth of personal experience and inspires others to dare walk bravely into a life of limitless potential by embracing unconditional self-love. I experienced a breakthrough moment on my healing journey as she challenged me to face my fears and release them with love and kindness. To be privileged to witness and support other like-minded souls as well was an absolute honour and an example of sisterhood I will never forget. Bless you Gracie! – Katrin

I just cannot thank you enough for today. Your spirit, energy and your healing power is something so incredible beyond words. I have immense gratitude for you and the event you held and all I was able to heal with your love and guidance. With help from you I was able to deep dive into my soul. I owe you my life. Thank you so much again. I will 100% be coming to more of your events! – Alicia

Everyone needs to attend this workshop. The fire that it has ignited inside me is powered by unconditional love for myself. After a lifetime of playing small and hating myself in lots of different ways, this is an absolute miracle. I met two new soul sisters as well, just icing on a very soulful afternoon. Attending this workshop has been the best decision of my life. – Charlie

Gracie helped me lift so much emotional baggage I didn’t realise I was holding. I cannot believe the healing that took place in one afternoon. All the negative questions I asked myself, disappeared. I am loved endlessly by myself. If you’re thinking about Gracie’s workshops, I encourage you to attend at least one. Open your mind and heart. I promise you will walk out a different person. The person you were truly born to be. – Taylor

All I know is that, for the first time, I discovered and embodied my true authentic self. I can honestly say I left that room with more love in my heart for myself than ever before. And that, my friends, is worth more than anything. – Amy


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