MindBodySpirit Mentoring


Hello, Goddess!

I have a couple of questions for you… and I want you to answer honestly…

Are you living as your happiest, healthiest, highest Self???

…Are you ready to?!?

I’m SO happy to hear it! Because happiness, health and your highest Self have been waiting for you!

In fact, they’ve been inside you all along. Waiting to be acknowledged and nurtured.

Where to start?

The place: HERE.

The time: NOW!

That’s where I come in.

I’m your official MindBodySpirit healing guide and mentor.

I’m the chick who’s hit absolute rock bottom (read more about my own story from life-threatening illness to thriving wellness here) and wallowed in the depths of darkness long enough to learn how to rise from the ashes and become her own bright light.

And now?

It’s YOUR TURN to shine!

My one-of-a-kind holistic mentoring approach provides the 1-on-1 customised support you need to design and live your dream life! I combine my expertise as a Life and Health Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) practitioner, Nutritionist and Reiki Master to facilitate deep healing and optimise wellbeing of Mind, Body AND Spirit.

If you’re exhausted by the trial and error of superficial, extreme, anxious efforts to achieve health and happiness (who could blame you!) and finally willing to explore true TRANSFORMATION, whole being ALIGNMENT and wild ABUNDANCE, I’m right here to support you, beautiful!

The part of you that guided you to this page is calling for you to take notice.

Of the happiness, health, and higher Truth within you.

That push, that sign, that nudge you’ve been waiting for?



My unique HOLISTIC mentoring ethos addresses the three symbiotic elements of being:

Mind, Body and Spirit.

When we honour our holistic makeup and nurture every element of Self, this is when we enter a state of alignment, inner harmony, and flow from which true wellness and radiance can manifest.

Yep, HOLISTIC living is the pathway to your highest health and happiness!

Having applied this model and these principles to my own recovery from eating disorders, chronic stress and anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and life-threatening Lupus, I’ve developed a profound understanding of how to genuinely heal and transform a WHOLE being from the inside out, and it is my absolute JOY to facilitate this depth of transformation for you, gorgeous!

What my beautiful clients have to say...

I will seriously never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done to me and given me. My rightful life. My true Self. And that is EVERYTHING!!! Universe bless those healing hands of yours girl! So damn GRATEFUL!


Gracie, you miracle worker.. It’s been just 1 week since our healing session and I have physically manifested the energetic FREEDOM you anchored into me with your healing hands. I have left my toxic relationship, landed my new dream job, slept 8 solid hours every night since, and I can’t even imagine having another panic attack. It’s like I’m a WHOLE, NEW woman living in a whole new world. You have cleared whatever was causing me to fall out of alignment and just as you said – I am now a magnet to miracles!


I honestly had no expectations (was possibly a little skeptical even) but what I saw, heard and FELT during our session was incredible and an experience I will never forget. You uncovered so many blocks I have always sensed and felt burdened by but never had the ability to identify for myself. And you completely obliterated them – I bloody FELT that! I am so grateful I had the guts to listen to my intuition and seek your healing and I am SO coming back for more of your medicine. You really have a gift. Amazing Grace. Bless you.


Yesterday marks the beginning of my new life and I have you to thank, Gracie. In the darkest year I’ve known, you’ve shown me the brightest light I’ve seen – in me, of all places!! I am light, clear and free and have a stronger sense of direction than ever. I know what I need to do and I have all the strength I need to do it. You’ve changed my view of life and my life itself all in one hour. My only regret in life now is not having done this sooner.


Being healed by Gracie is like being touched by an angel. Simply being in her presence soothes the soul, but journeying through dimensions and timelines at her healing hands is an awakening all its own. I have permanently released, shifted, and amplified so much energy that I am forever lifted. All of my questions are answered. If you are yearning and feeling something reading this and ever have the chance to get in a room with Gracie: You must. If you ever have the chance to be healed by Gracie, in any way: ACCEPT THE GIFT. Thank you, angel!


Thank you so so much for everything Gracie. I feel so much more like myself thanks to you. I now know I am so worthy of everything I desire. I AM WORTHY!!! And we will definitely be working together again. You are amazing and your work is so needed in the world. Thank you again for everything.


You’ve truly impacted my life more than you will ever know, Gracie. An angel sent from the heavens above, you’ve helped me transition to a state of consciousness, helping me release past trauma, giving me resources and knowledge to be able to deal with every challenge that comes my way, helped me see myself as a whole being, inspired me to follow my heart and passion, to raise energetic vibration, and you truly inspire me to keep preserving especially when it feels uncomfortable.


After just one session with Gracie I FINALLY understand (after 35 long years!) what has been holding me back from realising my purpose and potential. How incredible to realise I’ve had the answers inside me all along. I’ve just needed the right guidance to access them. Even better than that, I know exactly how to go about healing myself and transforming my life. And perhaps most reassuring of all, I know that I am fully supported by the best in the biz. I haven’t felt this excited about my life, ever.


Thank you for changing my life girl, I’ll never be the same, and I’ll now always be free. Keep spreading that motherhecking special energy you’ve got inside of you with others, you’re a gift and a saviour. I’m so happy to be alive.


I’ve struggled with mental health my entire life. But I don’t struggle anymore. I’ve learned to conquer. I am armed with all the knowledge and tools I need to get my mind, body and spirit back on track whenever I need to. I have never valued my life this much. Thank you, Gracie, for saving me.


I always know it’s going to be a good day when I have a session with Gracie on the books. She always offers the exact support I need to break through my barriers, free myself from my silly fears and claim my power back! Everyone in my life has noticed my transformation and I have never felt so in control of my own life and happiness! Everyone needs a Gracie in their life!


Being coached by Gracie has been nothing short of amazing! She is such an incredibly warm, caring and gifted soul who devoted her time and powerful energy in helping me achieve my full potential. Her genuineness and desire to help me overcome all barriers in life has made me feel so infinitely empowered and grateful that I got the chance to be coached by her. She has forever changed my life.


My own lived experience and formal training in MindBodySpirit wellness make me uniquely qualified as your holistic healing guide. But, beyond these formal qualifications, I extend my genuine support as a fellow self-healer who has been to the brink, back again, and ever forward by practically applying my learnings to my real-life human experience. This is how I know this holistic approach works. It works for me and the thousands of beautiful souls I am blessed to guide on a daily basis.

I’m here (literally on this Earth in this lifetime) to facilitate your elevation in Mind, Body and Spirit so that you can align to a higher state of self-sustaining health and happiness.

I’m here.

For you.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you can bank on, beautiful:

Be your own source of infinite motivation

Manage stress and anxiety levels to sustain peace and calm of mind

Overcome self-limiting, fear-based thoughts

Adopt a self-expanding, love-based belief system

Engage with Emotional Freedom Technique to release suppressed fear

Craft clear and focused lifestyle plans to achieve your goals

Grow your confidence in making the best decisions for your holistic wellbeing

Develop resilience to navigate challenges with confidence

Create positive lifestyle habits through sustainable changes

Develop your own personal self-love practice

Heal any chronic physical conditions that may be ailing your body

Learn to accept your body fully and wholeheartedly, exactly as it is in each moment

Embrace an effortlessly healthy relationship with food as a source of nourishment

Overcome feelings of everyday exhaustion and fatigue

Resolve any underlying nutritional deficiencies

Learn to understand and intuit the needs of your body

Break through the barriers that contribute to emotional eating, low self-esteem, and poor body image

Be filled with energy and vitality that radiates through all that you do

Connect with your spiritual essence

Develop your own personal spiritual practice

Find your meditation groove, in a form that feels enjoyable and effortless

Clear energetic blocks that have been limiting your healing and abundance

Learn how to activate and balance your chakras for optimal wellbeing

Discover and live your passion, power and purpose in life

Develop and trust your innate intuition

Resolve suppressed traumas that have been stored in your energy body

Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams

Embody your Higher Self and manage your vibration as effectively as possible

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