Intuitive Healing

1:1 Intuitive Healings are a unique energetic experience facilitated to align Mind, Body and Spirit, and restore vitality to your entire Being. I draw from my spiritual training as a Reiki Master and Quantum Healer, as well as my inherited gifts as a Colombian Indigenous Intuitive to dissolve blocks, expel unwanted energies and amplify your ability to channel a healthy flow of abundance throughout your Self and life. These sessions are one-of-a-kind and designed to leave you more empowered and embodied than ever before.

Heal to your Highest Heights.


Modalities in Motion:

Reiki is an alternative healing technique involving the channelling and activating of the MindBody’s innate Life Source energy.

Quantum Field Clearing applies quantum mechanics and metaphysical principles to upgrade your consciousness.

Sound Therapy uses specific sound frequencies to activate & harmonise your chakras and auric field.

Tarot Reading channels spiritual guidance to offer insight and direction on your soul’s path.

Crystal Healing attunes your vibration to that which you desire to manifest.


(Cultural Disclaimer, Reiki: Classified a Complementary and Alternative Therapy (CAT) originated in Japan in the 1900’s with the intention of being adopted across the world as a holistic healing technique, Reiki does not use any native physical elements and is not a sacred Indigenous practice. Reiki is used in session as an alternative therapy within the context and practical parameters intended by its founders.

Cultural Disclaimer, Tarot: I have directly inherited the craft of Tarot and associated Intuitive gifts through my blood lineage and have permissions to provide this modality of guidance as an energetic service with acknowledgement and respects to the craft and my ancestors.)

1:1 Healing Sessions may be performed in person at Gracie’s Healing Space in Port Macquarie, NSW, and just as powerfully facilitated across distance via the convenience of Skype if you are remote. Energy knows no bounds and is not limited by time or space; rest assured that your online session will feel just as visceral as an in-person healing.

From clearing your immediate emotional blocks to resolving karmic ties, amending soul contracts, jumping timelines, banishing parisitic influences, manifesting your desires, and integrating the consciousness required to embody your soul’s highest expression;

every potential is possible.

In your words...

I will seriously never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done to me and given me. My rightful life. My true Self. And that is EVERYTHING!!! Universe bless those healing hands of yours girl! So damn GRATEFUL!


Gracie, you miracle worker.. It’s been just 1 week since our healing session and I have physically manifested the energetic FREEDOM you anchored into me with your healing hands. I have left my toxic relationship, landed my new dream job, slept 8 solid hours every night since, and I can’t even imagine having another panic attack. It’s like I’m a WHOLE, NEW woman living in a whole new world. You have cleared whatever was causing me to fall out of alignment and just as you said – I am now a magnet to miracles!


I honestly had no expectations (was possibly a little skeptical even) but what I saw, heard and FELT during our session was incredible and an experience I will never forget. You uncovered so many blocks I have always sensed and felt burdened by but never had the ability to identify for myself. And you completely obliterated them – I bloody FELT that! I am so grateful I had the guts to listen to my intuition and seek your healing and I am SO coming back for more of your medicine. You really have a gift. Amazing Grace. Bless you.


Yesterday marks the beginning of my new life and I have you to thank, Gracie. In the darkest year I’ve known, you’ve shown me the brightest light I’ve seen – in me, of all places!! I am light, clear and free and have a stronger sense of direction than ever. I know what I need to do and I have all the strength I need to do it. You’ve changed my view of life and my life itself all in one hour. My only regret in life now is not having done this sooner.


Being healed by Gracie is like being touched by an angel. Simply being in her presence soothes the soul, but journeying through dimensions and timelines at her healing hands is an awakening all its own. I have permanently released, shifted, and amplified so much energy that I am forever lifted. All of my questions are answered. If you are yearning and feeling something reading this and ever have the chance to get in a room with Gracie: You must. If you ever have the chance to be healed by Gracie, in any way: ACCEPT THE GIFT. Thank you, angel!

Intuitive Healing will always provide the relief your soul seeks.

This includes benefits like:

Relief from stress and anxiety

Physical pain relief

Gently resolved traumas

Emotional release

Increased focus & mental clarity

Steady moods and emotional stability

Sharpened intuition and conviction

Increased immunity and vitality

Deeper understanding of your life’s purpose

Increased ability to manifest desires

Boosted confidence and self-esteem

Support in resolving addictive behaviours

Increased circulation and energy

Relief from insomnia and sleep difficulties

Deeper integration of Mind, Body and Spirit

Reinstated physical, mental, emotional and professional wellbeing

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