Higher Self Mentoring


Congratulations on your breakthroughs and transformation, gorgeous soul!

After your incredible progress during our initial program together, ongoing Higher Self Mentoringis the next step of your guided evolution.

I’ve coached you and trained you to believe in your Self. We’ve cleared a lot of space and laid some solid foundations from which to create your dream life.

And now, I want to mentor you.

Yep, it’s time for us to upgrade our relationship to reflect the Higher Power and Truth you have grown into.

This mentoring experience is the next phase, all about stepping up and into your Highest Self and Life possible!



This ongoing MindBodySpirit mentorship is a monthly subscription designed to support you at a very specific level of intensity, to access even higher results than we’ve realised yet.

Shorter bursts of guidance at regular intervals invite momentum, full commitment, no more hiding away, radical responsibility, complete self-acceptance, and utmost soul expansion.


This looks like:

1x 40-minute mentoring session each week (via Skype/Facebook Messenger video call); Sessions include NLP reprogramming, Spiritual Coaching, EFT, Master-level Reiki energy healing, intuitive Astrology guidance, and oracle card & Tarot readings. All growth tools are implemented as needed/requested for a genuinely holistic and deeply integrative Mentoring experience that builds breakthroughs upon breakthroughs to facilitate your freedom from fear, forever.

Session summaries including breakthroughs and exercises where applicable, AND;

Ongoing personal email and voice memo support from me!


Consider this your graduate experience…

This is your access point to limitless unfolding, up-levelling, empowerment and Self-actualisation.

All with ongoing 1:1 support from me as your personal guide.

And you know I am DEEPLY invested in YOU.

If you think what we’ve achieved so far has been life-changing

My love… We were just warming up!

Are you ready to commit to your Higher Self?





Ts & Cs:

Each monthly payment is non-refundable and made in advance of sessions for month ahead.

Cancel your subscription at any time after 3 months – no obligation whatsoever to continue – although your Higher Self will absolutely want to stay on board!